Myths: The back story of much great art

Michel-Ange by Gustave Moreau Until the mid 1800s, the art cognoscenti in Europe insisted that the proper subject for great art was either, myth, history or religion. No other subjects were considered appropriate. Gustave Moreau, the famous teacher of Georges Roualt and Henri Matisse, completed some 8,000 fascinating, elaborate paintings of biblical and mythological subjects. His […]

The Yarn Paintings

Yarn Painting Art critic, Corinne Geeting of the Christian Science Monitor commented, “Paintings with yarn? Such a technique sounds contrived and unsophisticated until you see the masterworks of the Huichol Indians of Mexico. The fluidity and richness of coloring almost surpasses even that of the lushest oils.” The master of Huichol yarn paintings is José […]

The Power of Fiber Art

Identity 7 by Michelle Sales Fiber Arts are usually thought to be woman’s art. Penelope was at her loom.Identity 7 – MichelleSales The house-proud housewife’s needlework distinguished her and made her family seem precious and comfortable. When my daughter was born, my stepmother made her a dimity christening dress with Irish lace and tucks and […]

The Problem of We

The Problem Of “We” “We” comes in all sizes. Two or two dozen on to millions, but each more than one is “we”.  I was about to say of human kind, but I have two sons that think “we” might include the dog. So let’s go back to the concept of “we” simply as a […]

An artist goes to Paris

Le Défenseur du TempsThe Defender of Time Paris is called the city of light, but especially in the dark, it is gorgeous! I shamelessly snap pictures of everything from store windows TO light reflections on rainy evenings a la Brassai, the famous French photographer whose moody shots of dark streets have enchanted us for many […]

Welcome to my blog

Julie Ragsdale Ressler      I love to paint and I love art.  All aspects and types of art.  In this blog I will post my thoughts and thoughts of others along with images to better illustrate what we are discussing. We will talk about the art world and the numerous genres of art.  If you wish […]

When artists drew maps

NC Wyeth Map 1927 One of my favorite childhood memories was sitting on the floor in a sunny spot next to the radiator in my grandfather’s study looking at his stacks of National Geographic. In my youth we had not yet experienced the explosion of images that now make the exotic seem ordinary. Then, the […]