FAQs For Custom Portraits and Commissioned Artwork

Q. Why do you work from photographs?

A. It is a time thing, the subject's and mine. No one can sit still anymore for even one sitting; much less the number of sittings it would actually take. I also like to work at odd hours. For families today, the problem of having everyone in the same place is often insurmountable. Then of course in a big group there is always someone yawning, has their eyes closed, or is looking dreadful. With multiple photographs everyone can look their best.
Q. Does it have to be a good photograph of exactly what I want?
A. No! Frequently the worst photos make excellent paintings if the "juice" is there.
Q. What is "juice"?
A. "Juice" is the emotional content of a picture. The more emotion, the better the painting.
Q. Do you have to take the photograph?
A. I can and I don't charge for it, but I frequently use pre-existing ones also.
Q. Do you come to my house?
A. I can and it is to everyone's advantage. I can see what the customer likes. It is your painting.
Q. Could I give you a picture of my house? A favorite view? An old black and white photo?
A. Absolutely! Please look at my custom made examples.
Q. How do I know whether I'll like what you give me?
A. Well, you don't have to take it if you don't like it but you will have seen my art. I will have talked to you and seen the kind of things you like. I won't even show you the painting until I think it's great. So the odds are pretty good that you will be pleased.
Q. How long from photos to finished product?
A. That really depends on the complexity of the work, how many painting are ahead of yours and of course, luck. All things considered it could be three weeks to two month. But we are creating an heirloom, something your great grandchildren will enjoy, something "timeless."

Jimi and Jane getting ready for prom in gown and tuxedo

Jimi and Jane

raw photo of basset hound, no background

Pre-painting photo of Fergie, the Basset hound

Fergi in the Fall